Updated Make Up Policy Effectiove Aug. 1, 2023


Thank you for the support of our program. When you pay for a class you are purchasing a spot in a class whether or not you attend. We offer makeup classes as a courtesy, but because there are limited number of spots we do not guarantee a makeup. It is important for your gymnast to attend their regular classes where their coaches have their skill cards.

In order to receive a makeup class, you must notify us of your absence. This must be completed by 11AM the date of your absence or anytime up to 2 weeks before.

This can be done online or at the front desk. We do not schedule absences or make ups by phone, text or email.

Makeups cannot be used as tuition

1 makeup class per month

Once a makeup is scheduled we consider it made up whether or not you attend the class.

There is no rescheduling of makeup classes.

Copywrite California Gymnastics 2016