Frequently Asked Questiions
How do I sign my child up for a class?
To register for a class just click the "Register Online" button on our website or you may register at the front desk at the gym. Registering is quicker on-line.
Is there a certain time of the month that I need to sign up
You can sign up for a class anytime, as long as there is a spot available in the class. Our online registration program will automatically pro-rate all tuition and registration fees.
When is tuition due
Our online registration program drops anyone not paid by the 1st of the month and makes that spot available to new students. Fortunately, you can make a payment on any computer, tablet, smart phone or at the front desk
Do I get a discount for a additional child or additional class.
Yes, 20% for the 2nd child or the 2nd class per week, 30% of the 3rd child or 3rd class per week. Discounts of greater numbers are given at the front desk at the gym.
What should my child wear.
Girls may wear a leotard or shorts and a T shirt. Boy must wear shorts and a T shirt.
How do I schedule a make up class
At the front desk when you come in for your regular class. Make up classes are offered every Saturday at 9am or Thursday evenings at 7pm. They our taught in an open gym format and separated into age groups. Once you schedule a make up we consider the class made up whether or not you attend the make up.
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